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The boldest progression in chiropractic.

The Advanced Orthogonal Institute is founded on the advancements of the chiropractic profession dating back to the original upper cervical philosophy presented by B.J. Palmer, and the extensive research by John F. Grostic, D. C. the developer of Orthogonal chiropractic. In the same nature as the Institute was founded on advancement to upper cervical chiropractic care, the Institute will continue to grow, expand, and refine the technique and procedure.

The Advanced Orthogonal Institute and its affiliated doctors are constantly striving to incorporate the latest research in chiropractic, developments in upper cervical care, and breaking discoveries in neurology. Furthermore, the Institute is dedicated to participating in and initiating research to further validate the functional and neurological changes of specific upper cervical procedures.

What is Advanced Orthogonal?

ad·vanced /əd-ˈvanst/

(advance, advancing) v. 1. far on in time or course 2 .being beyond others in progress or ideas 3. being beyond the elementary or introductory 4. greatly developed beyond an initial stage 5. much evolved from an early ancestral type

Unwavering Progress

Advanced Orthogonal care is a constantly evolving to new developments, discoveries, and technology in chiropractic and beyond. There is no boundary to how far we will look to find the next advancement to better help those we serve. If we cannot find a technology we need to grow, we will make it. It is our nature to go beyond the fringe.

or·thog·o·nal /ȯr-ˈthä-gə-nəl/

adj. 1. intersecting or lying at right angles 2. having perpendicular slopes or tangents at the point of intersection

Alignment is Key, but Different for Everyone

The focus of Advanced Orthogonal care is to restore the function of the human body from the inside out. This is done by removing interference on the brainstem by realigning the upper cervical spine to its orthogonal nature based on each person’s genetically unique anatomy.

What makes Advanced Orthogonal so unique?

Straight to the Point

Using specific X-ray analysis protocols and including comprehensive aberrancy measurements, Advanced Orthogonal doctors are able to mathematically calculate the exact adjustment each patient needs according to their unique anatomy. Take all of the guesswork out of adjusting.

Light as a Feather

Percussion sound wave adjusting technology allows doctors to deliver the most gentle correction possible while maximizing precision and consistancy. Practitioners want a more powerful option with less resistance. Make the same adjustment every time.

Sticks Like Glue

Advanced Orthogonal’s specificity and precision allow for corrections to hold for months to years so your patients can live their lives and continue to heal. Why continue to make multiple adjustments when you can make lasting corrections?

A Specific Approach for Specific Results

Dr. Josh Sliver, describes the profound potential of Advanced Orthogonal and the detailed approach our doctors take to make a great atlas correction.

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